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Interested in Bitcoin and Blockchain, but not ready for class?

BitTech offers one-on-one consultations to help you navigate the world of cryptocurrencies . From the fundamentals of Blockchain to diversifying your investment portfolio, our Certified Bitcoin Professionals have the answers to all your questions.


Schedule a 30-minute consultation for $60 with our Certified Bitcoin Professionals for a focused conversation about the paradigm shift or any key concepts. You'll also receive a copy of our History of Money whitepaper. 


Become a Bitcoin pro and learn how you can expand your investment horizons and make massive returns. Whatever you’re looking to learn about the world of cryptocurrency, BitTech can help. Book your consultation today!



Have more questions about what BitTech can do for you? Call us at (843) 297-4355 or stop by our office at 49 Calhoun St. to speak with our staff of Certified Bitcoin Professionals.

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